About Us


Whole Health Wellness Group (WHWG) started as a dream I had many years ago, before it became a real organization.

I was a Massage Therapist that was working in an amazing Chiropractic space, and learned from the owner about the many aspects of business and how to make a successful business. She was instrumental in the creation of WHWG.

My dream was to have a location large enough to offer a variety of practitioners, and possibly even offering doctors. To my amazement, WHWG has grown to become an amazing group of extremely talented individuals. To date, we have: 6 Massage Therapists, 2 Hypnotherapists, 1 Physical Therapist, 4 Naturopathic Doctors (3 of which are Acupuncturists), and 1 Mental Health Counselor.

Around the time I created WHWG, I had seen a few businesses in Vancouver that were taking advantage of newbie massage therapists – it was amazing that these businesses could (and did) exist. They had the therapists working long hours and made them stay on premise even when they didn’t have clients for them. The benefit to the therapists were that they had clients and the insurance billings were being done for them. But the negatives to the therapists were that they had to stick around in case there was a walk in, and they didn’t get paid until the insurance payments came in (and then, they only got a small amount of what was being billed to the insurance company). There were too many times that I had heard from therapists that when they finally left, they would not get paid for the insurance that was billed, and the owners were nasty about it. It turns my stomach that someone would take advantage of others that are just trying to make a living.

At WHWG, each therapist and doctors have their own business. I furnish a space that is inviting and safe for them and their patients/clients. I furnish them with front desk help, light insurance billings, laundry on site, scheduling, etc.

My goals have been met the first year I opened WHWG. We have now grown to 13 Doctors and Practitioners, and we still have room to grow. There are future plans to expand by either taking the full lower portion of the building we are in, or grow to a larger off site location. The possibilities are endless at this point.


Located in beautiful Vancouver, Washington
1409 Franklin Street #103 Vancouver, WA 98660

Phone: 360.718.7603